Genesis of the ‘Third Wave’ culture

The tale of contemporary coffee dates back to the 19th century when coffee consumption grew exponentially and innovations were mainly around packaging, such as airtight cans, to ensure its establishment as a consumer commodity. This was termed as the ‘first wave’. The driving forces for the transition from the first to ‘second wave’ was from a desire of the consumer to know where the coffee came and how it was produced. This wave also led to the introduction of the espresso beverage to the world – for which we truly thank them. Retail coffee enterprises emerged during this era and became household names synonymous with this culture.

So what was the need for the ‘third wave’ and how did it get coined – the explosion of the previous era led to a significant deviation from quality of coffee to commercialization of homogenous ‘coffee’ products. This wave of coffee is concentrated on understanding the origin and story of the beans – growing conditions, altitude of farms, roasting date and above all the subtle hints and aromas behind the cup that is finally consumed.

One of the lesser known facts about growing conditions is that the elevation level of a farm greatly influences the quality of the green beans. A higher elevation results in harsher conditions for the cherries to develop. This results in slower development of the coffee and makes the berries denser and encompasses more nuanced flavours.

Dedicated to bringing the best of coffee Third Wave Coffee Roasters (TWCR) tracks its origins to the city of Bangalore. However, the journey of getting here spans multiple continents – from the coffee bistros of San Diego to the bustling streets of Ranchi in India. Born from a genuine need of improving the quality of coffee experiences in India, TWCR originated from what we like to call a ‘coffee high’ and multiple late night conversations on building a remarkable experience around Indian grown coffee. We borrow our name from some of the best practices between coffee bean farmers and retailers who invest tremendous time in understanding the growing conditions of the coffee – now known as the ‘third wave’. WE DO THE SAME. Our process of studying the quality of each stage of the coffee journey – from bean to cup – is rigorously followed for all of our batches. We partner with select estates, monitor the harvest conditions, roast the coffee at ideal temperature and pressure variations – WE BELIEVE this results in bringing the finest out of our coffee products.