The coffee estates that we work with are some of the finest producers of coffee and we take great pride in them. Having spent several hours interacting with the farmers, closely understanding the coffee they produce, our team at Third Wave handpicks these partner estates to not only convert the best they have to offer, but also bring out their story like no other.

Flavors in some of our coffees can range anywhere from notes of fruits to notes of chocolates, depending on the kind of soil, elevation, rainfall levels etc. Growing conditions are the major contributors to these subtle flavor notes but roasting plays a very important role as well.  

We roast our coffee in a custom-built Diedrich Roaster which is engineered in Idaho, USA for over 30 years now. Not only is the roaster made with some of the best available parts like its aerospace grade carbon steel bolts, it also uses infrared burners that reduce noxious gas emissions by 50% compared to other roasters. Coffee comes from the earth and it is our job to take care of it!